Majoring in Geographic Information Science, I’m a junior in some univ located in Mainland China. I intend to make this blog as the index through my career and my life. And some codes of GIS projects based on C#ArcObjects and iObjects will be released in the posts. So the blog is multilingual which means it has contents in English, C# and 中文。

Everyone should defend freedom as Core Socialist Values emphasizes it in our society, and as the mayor of CITY I will protect the freedom of every resident in INDEX CITY. But the freedom is based on laws. Not any kind of things could exceed the law, even the so-called liberty. Since some posts will open discussion, please notice yourself with the regulation of INDEX CITY before posting your reply.

1.Ads without permission are NOT allowed.
2.Child pornography is completely forbidden.
3.Personal abuse would get a temporary ban.

At last, I wish you would have a nice day in reality.